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  1. racerman
    Sorry man I didn't see ur response from my last email. Disreguard the last message
  2. racerman
    Hey Dave. Looking to start fresh with a build. Do have any certain place that you find blocks and heads. If you don't just let me know. Thanks. Things are starting to slow down with me here I'll have to swing over some time soon. Thanks for the info. Tmac
  3. racerman
    Hey Dave looking into finding a ge block to start a build do you know any available for a good price. Good head and block running would be best but looking to just start fresh. Thanks tmac
  4. racerman
    I hear your name all over town.. Never have had the chance to meet you.. Just Joined FS.. Bought a 94 supra n/a auto with turbonetic bolt on kit.. nothing special but i might be coming to you if i have some question if thats cool.. sounds like your the guy in town with the anwsers..

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