1. You must have 50 posts before posting in classifieds. Threads started by members with less then 50 posts will be deleted until their quota is reached.

2. Please Make one post with all the parts you have for sale, NOT 5 posts for 5 different parts. Please update your existing threads if you are selling more used parts and not make more threads. This keeps the Forum cleaner and easier to read. if you can not edit/update your thread please contact a moderator for help.

3. There will be no HIJACKING of threads or flaming . If there is an item you need, please make a post for your own item. Do not place your wanted ad in someonelse's thread. This creates problems and it's not fair for the original vendor of the item being sold. Marketplace thread hijacking will be dealt with in a 3 step process:
a) First Offense: warning will be given
b)Second Offense: 1 week ban
c) Third Offense: 1 month ban

Failure to conform to the above rules will result in your Post either being Deleted or Locked.

These Rules are in effect to protect the members of this board.

Thank You.
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