Ok....I know you all have heard of the following brands:

Sundown Audio
FI Audio
RD Audio
RE Audio
DC Sound Labs

If the names ring a few bells then you KNOW that they are highly regarded names in the sound competition industry for both great sound and the ability to get loud!

What you probably DON'T know is that they are ALL built by Atomic Loudspeakers. Or that they are ALL watered down versions of what Atomic sells. At Spring Break Nationals last month a car loaded with 6 Atomic APXX 12's competed against a vehicle with 24 BTL's from Fi......the vehicle with the APXX12's won by over 2 dB!

I am placing another order to Atomic next week. In that order I will be getting some of their newest version of their amps....all MADE IN THE USA! No more chinese/korean sweatshop stuff! Product made for americans, by americans! Loud! Clean! Powerful! What more could you ask for?

email sales@trafikjamz.com with any questions or check out their website www.atomicspeakers.com!