Zapco is proud to introduce the New Studio X amplifiers. With such a high demand for compact chassis designs, Zapco has thrown its hat into the ring. With the Studio X amplifier line, you have a very compact chassis - but without compromising power or sound quality, with their Class A/B output. The first two models ( available in June) are the ST2 and ST4. The ST2 is rated at 2x50 at 4 ohms, 2x80 at 2 ohms, and 1x160 at 4 ohms. The ST4 is rated at 4x50 at 4 ohms, 4x80 at 2 ohms, and 2x160 at 4 ohms. The ST2 foot print is a mere 6.75 x 6.25 inches with the ST4 coming in at 8.375 x 6.25 inches.

and for the DIEHARD SQ people out there:

Zapco C2k 2.0A

Zapco is proud to introduce a new level of performance in car audio power amplifiers. These new amplifiers provide Audiophile-class audio reproduction to the car audio market that rivals and even surpasses many high-end home audio system components.

The absence of bells and whistles is readily apparent upon examining the 2.0A series components. Anything that would adversely affect the amplifiers ability to reproduce audio content faithfully has been left out. Stereo/Mono-bridged functions are now jumper selectable. Separate level controls are provided for left and right channels. There is no built in bass boost, x-overs, etc since most high-end installations employ outboard equipment to provide these functions. Circuitry has been redesigned to make the signal paths of the right and left channels symmetrical, mirror images of one another, with precisely matched delay and phase coherence. This has a dramatic effect on the amplifiers's ability to reproduce a "live" sounding stereo sound stage, with pinpoint-precision imaging and detail. It also provides superior drive capability and sonic definition when the amplifier is in mono-bridged mode.

A specially designed, discrete J-FET Class A, Fully differential, high definition Symbilink receiver at the input of the amp cancels interference from the car's environment while selectively amplifying the audio signal. Zapco's signature complementary-symmetry dual-differential front en drives rugged, hand matched high slew output transistors, canceling noise and distortion without resorting to ( or needing ) large amounts of corrective negative Feedback. Utilizing Class A design throughout eliminates higher order distortion leaving 2nd and 3rd order harmonic residuals that are to most ears inaudible. A combination high level push pull, and constant current source driven single ended Class A biasing scheme is employed to provide the maximum degree of Class A power output within the constraints of the Car audio environment. When the Maximum class A output is reached, the Amplifier seamless transitions to Class A/B providing power up to the full rated output. A wide bandwidth, fast slew rate, minimal negative feedback design is utilized for superior sound quality.

The power amplifiers audio path was designed without resorting to integrated integrated circuitry (typically referred to as IC's or Chips). Hand selected and matched discrete devices are employed throughout. Simple and Spartan design minimizes coloration of the amplifier's reproduction of program material. Capacitors are used only where necessary, utilizing audiophile grade capacitors in the critical areas in the signal path. The 2.0A series amplifiers effortlessly deliver thunderous bass, transparent mids, and crystalline highs.

A newly engineered cooling scheme has been employed to remove heat efficiently from the amplifier's heavy-duty heat sink. Special high capacity, low sound level cooling fans are utilized to exhaust air continuously from the chassis, drawing cooling air efficiently through the heat sink directly across the output and power supply devices. This sophisticated arrangement supports the maximum possible Class A power output.

The C2k 2.0A represents the next level of audiophile performance that you have some to expect from Zapco Over the years. Our Team of engineers have taken the performance of an Already outstanding amplifier to new heights as evident by the amplifiers performance in the MECA SQ lanes, and causing quite a stir in the Audiophile circles. If you are looking for the next level in performance, the C2k 2.0A is it. Please see below for more specifications.


*Class A

*Linear Phase

*Fully Balanced

*Mono Bridged/Stereo ( Jumper Selectable)

*Fully Discrete components

*No Crossover

*No Switches

*No Chips (integrated circuits)


*Class A push/pull Bias ( over 50 times higher bias than other Zapco Products )

*Additional single-ended Class-A Bias (current source) added to effectively double the class A output

*Transitions to Class A/B operation to full rated power

*upgraded output transistors increase slew rate and damping factor

*Audio Path Capacitors upgraded with Silver Mica and audio grade electrolytic

*Fully Discrete components


*Airflow directed to flow across power and output devices for efficient cooling

*Larger, quieter fans are used to effectively double airflow, while cutting the sound level by 50%

*Constant flow fan control

*perforated aluminum inserts allow proper airflow.