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Thread: Atomic Components

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    Finally got to hear this system hooked up and running 100%......HOLY CRAP does that thing pound!

    Atomic Apocalypse Components (sound great....my new favorite speaker)
    Atomic Apocalypse 12" Subs in a vented enclosure
    Atomic 1200 watt sub amp
    Atomic High Frequency Amp
    Pioneer Flip-out monitor w/ add-on nav

    HOLY CRAP were the doors flexing from the bass! Literally 3/4" of movement in and out on the outside of the doors when the bass hit......with the windows rolled down in front.
    Auto Starts from $200 Installed! Lifetime warranty.


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    That's a 1600 watt atomic, not a 1200 watt. Even louder now and only half way done bracing the box. Gotta find someone with a termlab and I'll post up some numbers.

    Edit: also installing some pioneer 6x9s for a little rear fill. They'll go in when it stops friggin raining out here.

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    hey chuck i sent you a pm

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