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Thread: 2011 Playtime Performance Sportbike Drag Race Series Rules

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    2011 Playtime Performance Sportbike Drag Race Series Rules

    REVISED 4-25-11

    Bikes will be separated into 6 classes:
    SEMI-PRO: Lightweight, Middleweight, Heavyweight and Supersport
    PRO: Big Bore and Unlimited.


    General Safety:
    -All bikes must be approved during NHRA technical inspection.

    -OEM factory stock frames must be used.
    -Their general shape may not be changed.
    -Cut frame rails allowed.
    -Subframes may be modified/aftermarket.

    -Maximum of 68”

    -Any bodywork/wheels are acceptable.

    -Any aftermarket front/rear suspension acceptable.
    -No minimum ground clearance.

    -The use of 2-steps is legal in the PRO classes only. Launchmasters, or the like, are not allowed.

    Starting System:
    -Functional on-board starting systems required.
    -No external starters, batteries, or boosters allowed.
    -Battery chargers are allowed.
    -24 volt starting systems allowed.

    -Lighting is not required.

    -At least one front and one rear brake required.

    -Any exhaust accepted.

    -Slider clutches prohibited.
    -Lockup clutches (single stage, two stage or multistage) are not allowed in the SEMI PRO classes. Lockups are allowed in the PRO classes.
    -If a 'convertible' clutch is installed on your bike, you may not race in the SEMI-PRO classes, regardless of the clutch's orientation.

    -All rear tires must be DOT approved.

    Wheelie Bars:
    -Wheelie bars prohibited.

    -Any fuel accepted.

    Transmissions: All entrants must utilize as OEM-style shift drum and transmission. No auto transmissions.

    Internal Motor Work:
    -Any level of engine modification is allowed (Within the general rules.)(This excludes the SUPERSPORT class.)
    -The original displacement of the bike is used for classification (we reserve the right to alter classes as we see fit).
    -Any hybrid frame/engine combination will be classed by the size of the engine, i.e....a 1000cc motor in a 750cc frame will be classed as a 1000cc bike.

    Forced Induction:
    -If the bike is using forced induction (nitrous, turbocharging or supercharging), the bike will move UP one class. (See 'Class Hierarchy')
    -Multiple power adders allowed.

    If a racer is found to be cheating, that racer will forfeit all points earned, and will be ineligible from earning points for the rest of the season, and the following season. If you have a question as to whether something is legal or not, ask. If something is not listed as 'illegal', that DOES NOT automatically make it 'legal'.

    Class Hierarchy - Lightweight < Middleweight < Heavyweight < Big Bore < Unlimited


    Lightweight (LW) (600cc and Sport Twins)
    Honda CBR 600 (F2, F3, F4, F4i, RR), Yamaha R6, YZF 600, FZR 600, Kawasaki ZX-6, ZX-6R (includes RR and 636cc models), Suzuki GSXR 600, Triumph, Honda RC51, Suzuki SV, Buell, Ducati, Aprilia

    Middleweight (MW) (750cc and 900/929/954cc)
    Honda CBR 900/929/954 RR, Kawasaki ZX-7R/9R, Suzuki GSXR750, Yamaha R7, Yamaha R1(carbureted), Yamaha FZR 1000 (carbureted)
    - NEW FOR 2011 - Fuel injected 1000cc bikes may be used in the Middleweight class if two conditions are met:
    1. The longblock may not be altered from stock.
    2. The rider must weigh a minumum of 275 pounds in jeans and a t-shirt

    Heavyweight (HW) (1000cc)
    Yamaha R1(Fuel Injected), Kawasaki ZX10R & ZX11, Suzuki GSXR1000, Honda CBR1000RR & 1100XX

    Big Bore (BB) (Naturally Aspirated Hayabusa-ZX14/12-1000, BMW S1000RR)
    -Must be natually aspirated
    -Participant of this class must submit to an inspection of their bike (under their tank, in the airbox, etc..) at any time, to prove they do not have a functional nitrous system on their bike. Riders may be asked to remove solenoids/lines from the bike, if a nitrous system is installed on it.

    Unlimited (UL) (Forced Induction Hayabusa-ZX14/12/11-1000)
    -Any engine modification permitted.
    -Any forced induction permitted

    Supersport (SS) (1000cc class bikes, not all Heavyweight acceptable models are included. Hayabusa, ZX-14 and ZX-12 included as well)
    Yamaha R1(carbureted & FI), Kawasaki ZX10R, Suzuki GSXR1000, Honda CBR1000RR, Suzuki Hayabusa, Kawasaki ZX-14, Kawasaki ZX-12

    These rules will supersede the "Sportbike" general rules if there is a conflict.

    CHASSIS: Must have stock swingarm. Wheelbase will be dictated by the limits of the swingarm. The swingarm may not be modified to allow additional wheelbase from stock. The swingarm must be from the model year of the bike. Cut frame rails not allowed.

    MOTOR: Stock long block (performance-wise). The motor must be of the model year of the bike or an identical replacement. The following pieces may not have an aftermarket/modified replacement installed in their place: crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, cylinder head, camshafts, camshaft sprockets, valves, valve springs, water pump, oil pan. MUST BE NATURALLY ASPIRATED.

    -The following modifications are allowed:
    -Aftermarket cosmetic pieces (engine covers, quick access clutch covers, emissions block off plates, rearsets etc…)
    -Removal of emissions equipment (PAIR valves, etc….)
    -Removal of secondary throttle blades
    -Basically, the long block may have no performance improvements over stock, aside from the removal of emissions equipment.

    MODIFICATIONS: Only bolt on modifications allowed. (i.e. exhaust systems, fuel controllers, timing controllers, ECU flashes, ignition controllers, chassis lowering/strap(internally lowered forks allowed), gearing changes, air filters, velocity stacks, aftermarket wheels & wheel bearings, etc…… )

    BODYWORK: Aftermarket upper/lower/tail accepted. Must retain factory headlight and factory/aftermarket taillight. Gas tank must be OEM. Lowers may be removed.

    FUEL SYSTEM: Stock fuel systems. Inline fuel controllers ok (Power Commander, Bazzaz, Yosh box, Two Brothers box, etc..)

    CLUTCH: Stock-type clutch setups. Aftermarket clutch pieces allowed, i.e. fibers, steels, baskets, slipper-disabling mods, springs. No lock-ups.

    SHIFTING: No air/CO2/electric PUSHBUTTON or FOOT ACTUATED shifters. No air/CO2/electric shifting mechanism may be attached to the shift linkage during a run. (i.e. If the bike is equipped with an air shifter, to be Supersport legal, the shift cylinder must be removed). The shifting must be done via the stock shifting linkage, with your foot.

    FUEL: Any fuel may be used.
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    Each racer will receive a pair of classification decals. The decals must be displayed in the proper location (Both sides of the windshield) for a racer to be eligible to compete in the race series. Racers will receive their first pair of decals free. Additional pairs will be $5.00/pair.

    Each racer may race up to TWO bikes per day, and have the results count towards their respective classes. The bikes must be in different classes. The bike(s) must be chosen before the racer makes a pass. In this instance, the racer must pay a separate entry fee for each bike.

    A single bike may not be shared by competitors.

    Qualifying ends at 4:30:00 PM (This time can be changed at our discretion. The time will be listed at the top of the scoreboard. When the competition is over, "FINAL" will be written at the top of the scoreboard.).

    In the instance of a 4:30:00 end time, 4:29:59 is the LAST acceptable time, 4:30:00 DOES NOT COUNT. Your timeslips will have the time of day at the bottom of them. This is the clock the competition uses.


    1. Each day, the five quickest bikes in each class will receive points toward the year-end points championship.

    2. Qualifying will end at 4:30. The 5 quickest bikes(qualifiers) in each class will be listed on the scoreboard.

    3. The two quickest qualifiers, whose bikes can still make a pass down the track(SEE BREAKAGE RULE), will race in the final for their class. The winner of the final will get first place in their class. The loser of the final will get second place in their class.

    4. The remaining 3 bikes in the class will get 3rd, 4th and 5th place, which is determined by ET. (For instance, if the #1 qualifier breaks, and isn't able to compete in the final, the #2 and #3 qualifiers would race in the final, and the #1 qualifier would get 3rd place.

    5. After the final race, the points will be awarded as follows: First = 10, Second = 8, Third = 6, Fourth = 4,
    Fifth = 2

    BREAKAGE RULE: In an attempt to make the final races exciting for the spectators, the following rule will be enforced. If a bike that has qualified for the final is hurt, and the rider decides to enter the final race in an effort to get points for second place........then the hurt bike must complete the quarter mile in a predetermined time or less*. If the wounded bike fails to do so, the rider will receive 5th place points, and riders #3, 4 and 5 will move up one spot. This is to deter a rider from racing in a final, and limping their bike down the track, just for points. The final race is designed to add excitement to our race series. If a rider hurts their bike DURING the final race, this rule will be waived, and the rider will be awarded second place points.

    *Predetermined Times: Lightweight: 12.00, Middleweight: 11.50, Heavyweight: 10.50, Supersport: 10.70, Big Bore: 10.20, Unlimited: 9.70

    On the first raceday of the year, "records" will be set in all of this classes. The quickest time in each class(in qualifying or the final) will be considered the “record” for that class. In the following race days, if the racer with the quickest ET in their class(in qualifying or the final) breaks the existing record, they will be awarded two extra points. There are no extra points given on the first raceday for establishing the first "record".
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