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Thread: bought a bike finally, also had a question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by assasain View Post
    bought gear with the bike, got helmet, gloves, jacket... still need some new shoes to go along with it, any recommendations?

    you may have, where was it, what bike do you have 94 prelude?
    me and my buddy met up with you guys at stop in go. not sure if it was you. i ride a gsxr600
    06 STI
    07 gsxr600(sold)
    07 gsxr750(sold)
    03 CTS(sold)

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    yea, prolly wasn't me, there is another ninja 650r around town. he still has stock exhaust and the rear fender on his, I'll have to post up some damn pics on here. just been lazy lately and need to wash it yet. If you guys have any days where you all cruise around let me know, I'll come out. Either that or PM me your number and I could just do the same, don't really have anyone to ride with right now. I'm always just out by myself, unless I spot a group then I'll try and join up with them.
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    I take cash or check. True honda owners can hear it in anything no matter what the mods.

    "Imo kick yo ass so hard that candy comes out"

    hung like a butterfly but stings like a bee....

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