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Thread: WTF: Good Small Engines mechanic

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    WTF: Good Small Engines mechanic

    I'm looking for someonethat I can drop my vintage honda bikes off with, and pick them up in a ready to ride condition. The bikes are 1981 Honda Passport and 1974 Honda Trail 90. I am willing to pay what it costs to get them fixed up as long as it is within reason. The passport is in immaculate condition and won't need hardly any thing done to it. The 90 needs some work, but I have all of the parts. Let me know if you are a qualified mechanic, or know someone that is, who I can contact, that isn't a dealership. I'de rather pay a garage mechanic a decent amount to take the time to work on it than a dealership to push it out the door. I can arrange transport to and from if necessary. work doesnt need to be done until next spring, but would not like the bikes out of my possesion for more than 1 month. Joel701-388-4792
    no race car? becuz homeowner...

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    I can work on both, but, have to warn you vehicles that old tend to be hard to locate parts for. I have never worked on either nor searched for parts for either so can't say off hand how difficult. Just so you would understand there may be some risk of not being able to get certain parts or if more parts/work is needed may not be easy to locate.

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