Kind of an old-school throwback type install. No fiberglass, no motorization just a good, rugged sound system designed to get loud and sound great!

Since the car was equipped with a factory navigation system and the customer liked the way it worked we kept the head unit in place.... the OEM sound system was a 2nd level Boston Acoustics factory upgrade. When you see the pics you'll wonder how bad the base system must have been to call this an upgrade.... there was ZERO bass and mediocre sound at best.

From there we used a Zapco DSP-Z8 (not pictured as it is a hidden item and is very set and forget) digital signal processor to clean up the signal and provide equalization and crossover control to the rest of the system.

Power was provided by a pair of Massive Audio D-series amplifiers. A D800.4 (100x4) powers the mids and highs and a D3600.1 powers the subwoofers (1800x1).

Speakers consist of Massive Audio CK 69X components mounted in the front door (in a coaxial configuration) and JBL GTO628 Coaxials were utilized in the rear shelf.

Bass duty was provided by using a pair of Massive Audio Hippo 84 8" subs in a 1.5 cubic foot vented enclosure tuned to 38.5 Hz.

Power wire was 1/0 Gauge from DB Link. RCA Cables were also courtesy of DB Link as were speaker wires.

Battery & Battery Box are from XS Power D1200 Series

Sound deadening was from Hushmat.

Now on to the pics:

The products in their boxes

Box Design

Driver door with the panel off. You can't see it in the pic, but there was a ton of sound deadening material installed behind that vapor barrier

Gotta give a shout out to Weshole here, he convinced me to carve up the foam piece to integrate the crossover securely into the door. It worked AWESOME!

1/0 power and ground upgrade up front at the alternator. Another shout out to weshole as he was an alternator ninja for me and managed (somehow) to get his hands in there enough to get those wires on.

Guess which one was the stock speaker.... Oh... and those 6x9's are considered "subwoofers" according to Dodge/Boston Acoustics

Early stages of the subwoofer enclosure going together

Door speakers going in

Test fitting the box

Fitting the amp rack (notice we carpeted the spare tire well to make it all blend nicely

Testing locations

Amp rack all powered up and ready to go!

Box is in place

Tail end of the car here

Retro car...retro install. Gotta love 'em!