I bought a reverse camera for my truck on ebay after trying to install my clumsy big Clarion camera off my last car, I figured I would try the keyhole type. I got the camera mounted, hooked up the (+) to reverse lights,(-) to ground on the back of the hitch wiring plug on the camera side. For the reverse trigger wire on the H.U. Side, I tapped into the Black/Pink wire in the big bundle of wires behind the plastic kick panel under the hood release.
The camera came with a wiring diagram but it was in chinglish and I figured I wouldn't need it anyways so I threw it away. I know, bad idea ... Now that I have it all hooked up, I can't get an image to display on the H.U.(Pioneer AHV-P4300DVD). The screen isn't even displaying a blank picture when going into reverse and I cannot select the camera manually in the menu. I am wondering if anyone has any ideas on where to start trouble shooting. Also, can anyone Identify the red wires coming out of the yellow plugs at each end of the video cable? I made a diagram, forgive me, MS paint is all I have at work... I have a seperate trigger wire run independently from the video cable to eliminate any chance of electrical interference in the video signal. is this a built in trigger wire that is supposed to be running from the back of the cable to the front, so you only have to run one cord? That is the only thing I can think of. Any help would be much appreciated