I love this SUV. That being said, it is not conducive as a family vehicle, and I have too many vehicles.

1994 S10 blazer 4x4 lifted on 31s. 3.08 gearing 60k miles on 4.3l vortech CPI motor, 80k miles on transmission, 8k miles on Procomp tires. 243K miles on vehicle. A LOT of new parts. New battery, new shocks, new gas tank, new water pump, new blower motor, ac fixed and recharged this summer, new 4wd actuator and transfercase vacuum switch, new remote oil cooler lines (common issue and a pain to replace), new spider injector with updated fuel lines (common for leaking and ruining the motor if not fixed) newer power steering lines, u joints replaced 5 years ago, plugs 10k miles with new wires. That's all the stuff off the top of my head. Very well maintained.

Goes anywhere, very reliable, push button 4wd works great, never gets stuck.

The bad: ABS module is bad, but I never fixed because I hate ABS, windows don't roll down, common issue and easy to fix, cruise control needs a new wire, and its a little rusty.