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Thread: Modular motor swap in vintage mustang

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    Modular motor swap in vintage mustang

    Tearing into my 68 fastback mustang this winter and going to completely upgrade all the suspension and motor this winter. Debating on throwing a 03' 4.6 cobra motor in or just spending the money and throwing an 07 GT500 motor in it.

    Alright, So its late and maybe not thinking very clear but I was thinking about throwing a RB25 or 26 in it. Stupid idea?

    I think i can get by cheaper doing it this way. I want to keep the Engine swap to less than $10k. 500 RELIABLE HP is my goal. Input please.

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    i just pulled a 4.6dohc w turbo from my capri i have no further plans for, it is getting a coyote engine.
    i also have a 62 falcon with a mark 8 dohc you can get ideas about.

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