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Thread: LG Chocolate, my review

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    LG Chocolate, my review

    So I got a LG chocolate after getting my vx9800 replaced on warranty 3 times because of glitches they are still unable to work out... Anyways, I was skeptical about the phone but I am VERY happy with it, got the phone yesterday. It has a lot less battery life than I am used to, but I charge my phone every night anyways...I got the chocolate, a 512 microSD card, and the music essentials kit... The music essentials kit is wel worth the 30 dollars... USB cable with drivers, and a pair of stereo headphones with a mic built in for hands-free...
    -Sound quality on music player is AWESOME, even with the included headphones, its just as clear as an Ipod...
    -Screen is huge! and very good resolution....
    -touch screen- takes a while to get used to, but I like it. I wore the paint off the front of my "v" and that cant happn with this one
    -size is awesome, not to small to keep in your hand but definitly concealable, no bulge in the pocket...
    -phone is a little bit slower than my 9800.
    -battery life, with normal use, lucky to get a day and a half...
    -No MP3 Player, only WMA player.
    -hard to text and dial with one hand, I hold it in my right hand and hitting the 3,6,9 or pund button is a task...

    Overall I am impressed and if you are looking for a new phone with verizon, and like media phones, check it out!
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    Wow nice reveiw..... put this in the record books one of the few posts i like...lol

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    Wow joal you used such great words in your review. You madde me want to buy one......... HA HA That phone blows.... For sure!

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    I picked up the same phone and I do like it too. One comment about the "Cons" is that it is .wma support only, but the nice thing is when you synch from Windows Media player to the phone it will convert the MP3's to WMA for the phone - no extra step on your part....

    The biggest pain in the ass is that the phone doesn't seem to understand that when you're in the middle of a call, and for instance the voicemail system on the other end requests you to push 1 to continue, the Chocolate thinks you want to speed dial option #1 (vm). AND, because the "connect" or "dial" button is heat sensitive on these phones, if your cheek touches it, it will hang up your call and dial vm (or whatever speed dial number you pushed to interact with the caller\system on the other end of the line). Absolutely ridiculous!!

    Other than that, its a nice phone. This could easily replace an iPod - you can play music by genre, artist, playlists, albums, etc. Plus, the phone has bluetooth - I've listened to (and ordered) the Motorola HT820 headphones and the sound is amazing!
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    I don't see it replacing an ipod. Maybe some of the small flash memory players, but you can't keep your entire music collection on a little flash card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterCMK
    I don't see it replacing an ipod. Maybe some of the small flash memory players, but you can't keep your entire music collection on a little flash card.
    You can when it stores 2gb like a nano...
    At first I did it for fun, then I realized I made the investment and had to do it!

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    That phone is the same one that I want to pick up. Sounds like it might be the pain in the butt though because of the heat sensing buttons..

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    I was going to get the chocolate but ended up getting the fusic with sprint......


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    good review joel. I thought about the chocolate but i went with the kryzr. the chocolate looked like it would be to akward to hold and bulky and the touch screen thing bugged me. glad you like it tho
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