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Thread: Vehicle Classifieds Rules - Please Read Before Posting

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    Exclamation Vehicle Classifieds Rules - Please Read Before Posting

    Rules for Vehicle Classifieds:


    1. VIN must be furnished within 24 hours of posting the Vehicles for Sale thread.

    2. No flaming on prices or vehicles

    3. Pictures of the vehicle's engine, interior, exterior must be posted within 24 hours of posting the Vehicles for Sale thread. The thread will be deleted if no pictures are posted within 24 hours of the thread's creation.

    4. Mileage must also be included

    5. Do not Hijack threads by placing your own ad or making off topic posts. Marketplace thread hijacking will be dealt with in a 3 step process:
    a) First Offense: warning will be given
    b)Second Offense: 1 week ban
    c) Third Offense: 1 month ban

    6. Do not make duplicate threads. If you want to edit your old thread please
    contact one of the moderators.

    7. Items listed that do not belong to the poster will be subject to removal. Leniency may be given in a request prior to posting by the Classified Moderators and Administration staff. Please seek permission before posting items that do not belong to you.

    8. In order to post in the Vehicles for Sale section, members must have at least 50 posts and one week of membership.

    See this thread for info on how to post your vehicle for sale:

    If you don't like these policies, don't post here. It's free to do so, so please abide by these rules. Our Emails are [email protected] & [email protected] There will be no exceptions...
    Failure to conform to the above rules will result in your Post either being Deleted or Locked. These Rules are in effect to protect the consumers of this board.

    Thank You.
    Classified Moderators
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    FYI, rules 1 and 3 have been modified.

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    Bump for rule number 7. There have been threads ignoring this rule alot lately. Starting today, the threads not following this rule will be deleted.

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    Bump for changes to rule #5.

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